Kared - We work with energy

Kared Sp. z o.o. is a company with over twenty years of history. We specialize in control and measurement solutions for automation, diagnostic and testing systems. We see the job through from conceptual design all the way to implementation. Our devices meet the requirements of the highest precision and operational reliability, as well as completing work at high speed "in real time".

Thanks to the precision and dependability of the assembly of our synchronizers and automatic reserve switch-on systems as used in the power industry, we are unsurpassed in this domain.

In 2005, we implemented a quality control system in our company and submitted for certification, which is confirmed by the certificates from DET NORSKE VERITAS, NORWEGIAN ACCREDITATION and FINNISH ACCREDITATION SERVICE.

The products we offer are targeted at companies that operate in the domains of electric power production, transmission and distribution networks and industry.We invite design offices, and companies that specialise in renovation, redecoration, and maintenance as well as post-assembly tests to work in partnership with us.

Statue of "Energy in good hands" - 2013
Congratulatory letter of the President of PSE SA PSE SA approval for the SS-07 Certyficate
ISO 9001/2008
Certificate for SM-06
Silver medal fair Energetab 2007 for RZ-1 Award for RZ-1 Certificate for RZ-1 Partner in innovation