Registration Systems

Reliable operation of electric power or industrial installations and devices depends to a great extent on the methods of failure prevention and knowledge of the functioning of implemented devices. The implementation of modern digital interference recorders with the function of continuous recording of selected parameters and appropriate engineering software allows operators to analyse the operation of devices both before, during and after a failure. Recorders allow operators to acquire information about electric power and industrial systems, analyse their operation and test safety devices. They also warn about potential failures.

Our Proposition:

KSR-type modules are designed to signal cases of interference, while they also record events. They communicate with IT systems of the SCADA type.
Engineering software for RZ-1 recorders manage device functions, collect and analyse data and export data to the Comtrade format.
Digital interference and event recorder, prepared in a portable or fixed version.
Fixed recorder RZ-1 with integrated thermal printer with a 215 mm wide paper reel.