Projects completed


At present, we are carrying out:

Deliveries of switching-station synchronization systems for electric power stations:
  • SE 400/220/110 kV Skawina
  • SE 400/220 kV Byczyna
  • SE 400/110 kV Czarna
  • SE 400/220/110 kV Polkowice
  • SE 400 kV Stanisławów
  • SE 400/110 kV Łomża
  • SE 220/110 kV Włocławek Azoty
  • SE 400/220/110 kV Ostrołęka
  • SE 400/110 kV Słupsk
  • SE 400/110 kV Narew
Deliveries of switching-station sygnalling systems for electric power stations:
  • Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne "Police" S.A.
  • KHGM Huta Głogów

Our reference:

Over the years, the Kared company has produced several thousand specialized devices that were installed in numerous important installations within electric power facilities.

We are especially proud of the following:

  1. Grid Synchronizers of the SS-07 type, the only ones capable to ensure – without commutation circuits – that synchronization processes are realized on all branch disconnecting switches in a 3/2-type switching station, while performing comprehensive measurements and ongoing supervision of the current operational status of the station. The uniqueness of the solutions provided to our synchronizers the competition fair Energetab 2013 awarded the "Energy in good hands" Polish Power Grid Company.

  2. Microprocessor Synchronizers of the SM-06 type that are used in over 250 installations all over the country and abroad, which includes the biggest Polish power plants, namely:Bełchatów (858MW and 360MW power-generating units), Kozienice (500MW power-generating units), Pątnów (200MW power-generating units), Ostrołęka and others.

  3. Microprocessor Synchronizers of the SM-05 type – the first fully-digital synchronizers on the market that attracted numerous clients, who installed them in over 130 installations.

  4. Interference Recorders of the RZ-1 type that were awarded the Silver Medal at the Energetab Fairs in 2007.

  5. Microprocessor controllers developed for power-supply switching automation systems. The controllers constitute the core of the automatic devices of the AZRS type produced by the Energotest company.Together with Energotest, we delivered a total of over 2000 devices of tis type to Polish and foreign clients.

  6. Signalling and recording modules of the KSR-xx type that meet the requirements of many buyers in the market of power-production, transmission and distribution grids, mining and the wider industry.As they are very modern and versatile, they found their applications both in newly-constructed and revitalized facilities.